March 12, 2017

2017 Website usage

Jonathan Jones -Public Relations
Jonathan Jones -Public Relations
It is great to see that so many people have come to the website and looked around.  Since the creation of this website to now there have been over 5600 hits. We have had other famlies look at this website for ideas to help create their own.  As Felders we are not affraid to step out and do something new.
If you are here and getting information, PLEASE SIGN UP  so that other family members can recognize who you are when we see you. This site is as strong as the people who use it and that is US. So I urge you. Please sign up, put a picture up and tell me what you think so we can make improvements now and for future years.
We have multiple districts up and down the east coast. However we only have one distric on the local distric page.  Some of our districts are growing ans some are shrinking. We are family, we play, we fight, we reconcile, we love and then we play again.  This site is for all family members not just a select few. We are the only family we have, so let's stick together and make this work.  Look to see you in Charleston!!!


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